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This form MUST be completed in it’s entirety. YOU MUST acknowledge and consent to the CODE OF ETHICS AND RELEASES portion, and the SAFETY PROTOCOLS AND GUIDELINES (COVID 19) section by entering your name (as lawful signature) and entering the date completed.



*Adhere to all MYBA policies, rules, regulations, and procedures
*Avoid inappropriate behavior (fighting/arguing/cursing)
*Any person who becomes unruly or uses abusive language towards players, umpires, coaches, league officials, or other fans will be removed from the premises (including parking lots).
*Any adult who gets in a physical altercation on or off the field, before or after a game or practice, will be suspended indefinitely (a minimum of one year) from the league. If the league deems the incident involved more than one individual, severe penalties may be invoked up to and including removal of the team from the league with-out refund or recourse.
*Comply with the MYBA policy; Miami-Dade County Code – Chapter 26, Article III, and the Shannon Melendi Act; and the Governor of Florida approved Chapter 2014-9, which amended subsection (1) and paragraphs (A), (B), C, and (D) of subsection (2) of Section Florida 943.0438 Florida Statues; on Backgrounds Screening, Coaches Training, and Requirement on wearing the League Picture ID in order to participate in any capacity while on the Park for games and practices.
*Not hit into fences, and use all park facilities for their intended purposes.
*Only the Manager (head coach) may discuss and plays or rule with umpires. If a coach argues with an umpire he/she will be automatically ejected from the game.
*Any Manager, Coach or Player that is ejected from a game shall be penalized as determined by the Competition Committee, with a minimum of one (1) game suspension.
*Manager, and Coaches will be held responsible for their players and fans, and are required to assist in the enforcement of all MYBA policies, rules, and regulations.
*Not use any player that is not properly registered, listed on the roster, and of proper league age.
*Facilitate the process of individual development through achievement of baseball skills
*Respect basic human rights without discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, color, language, religion, national or social origin or any other status
*Ensure that the playing environment is safe and appropriate for the age and skill level of the players
*Accept responsibility for their own decisions, conduct and performance as it
*Not smoke within the baseball complex or when with players
*Not consume any alcohol up to a reasonable time prior to having contact with players (Alcohol should not be detected on the coach’s breath when talking to players)
*Not publicly criticize other coaches, officials, parents or players


All sports, including BASEBALL pose a risk of severe physical injury to the participants, including, but not limited to, the exposure and possible contraction of communicable diseases (ie Covid-19), and being injured by obstacles or hazards in or around the playing surfaces and/or inherent to the game of baseball such as being injured by a batted or thrown ball, a baseball bat, or other projectile from the field, batting cages, stands, or other areas. CONCUSSIONHEAD INJURY NOTICE: A CONCUSSION is a potentially serious HEAD injury that can result in brain injury or death. Participation in baseball practices and competition (games) may result in a HEAD injury or CONCUSSION. If you suspect that a player has a CONCUSSION, he/she must be immediately removed from participation. A player should only return to play with permission and clearance from medical/health care professional, who is experienced in evaluating a CONCUSSION. ADDITIONAL CONCUSSION information and resources are available on the MYBA website at MYBABASEBALL.TEAMPAGES.COM. I, the undersigned Coach/Manager listed below, warrant that I authorize these releases, for and in consideration of being permitted to voluntarily participate in MIAMI YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, INC league (including, but not limited to, any tournaments in which the team participates (the Activity), and for other valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, on my behalf, I voluntarily agree as follows: I give consent to participate in all MIAMI YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, INC Activities, and to be rendered emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness and agree to be responsible for all costs associated with said treatment. In the event of a medical emergency resulting from an injury or illness, the instructors/coaches will endeavor to obtain medical treatment. The Releasees (defined below) can not assume responsibility for act or omissions from third parties who are called to render treatment.

I hereby agree to defend, indemnify, waive, release, hold harmless, absolve, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue THE MIAMI YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, INC., USSSA BASEBALL, WORLD BASEBALL FOUNDATION, MARLINS TEAMCO LLC, MARLINS FUNDING LLC, MARLINS HOLDING LLC, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, CITY OF MIAMI, MIAMI DADE COUNTY, MIAMI DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, CITY OF HIALEAH, CITY OF HIALEAH GARDENS, CITY OF DORAL, CITY OF HOMESTEAD, CITY OF MIAMI BEACH, CITY OF MIAMI LAKES, TOWN OF CUTLER BAY, VILLAGE OF PALMETTO BAY, VILLAGE OF PINECREST, VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE, MARY and DAVID ALPER JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER, AND BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF MIAMI DADE, ORGANIZERS, VOLUNTEERS AND PARTICIPATING TEAMS AND ACADEMIES and all of their respective past, present, and future related entities, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, partners, owners, shareholders, members, governors, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontractors, servants, officials, employees, volunteers, participants, successors, assigns, right-holders, sponsors, insurers, and other licensees; participants; persons transporting the participants to a from activities; and any individual, group, organization or corporation under contract with THE MIAMI YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, INC. (collectively, the “Releasees”), with respect to any and all causes of action, claims, losses, damages, obligations, liabilities, judgments, amounts paid in settlement, injuries, losses, costs, expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys fees and expenses), and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, which I ever had, now has, or shall or may have against said Releasees, or which any personal representative, executor, administrator, heir, next of kin, successor, or assign of myself hereafter can, shall, or may have, against all Releasees, arising out of or relating to my participation in the Activity, including, but not limited to the my death.


I hereby give permission to the use of the name, likeness, images, voice, recording, biographical information, and/or other identification of myself by the Releasees for any purpose, worldwide and in perpetuity, in any medium now known or hereafter devised, without a right to prior review or approval of such use by me and without compensation or any additional consideration due or owing to me.

I hereby agree and consent to all of the aforementioned, and further acknowledge that this authorization is valid for the entire 2021 seasons, including and not limited to the SPRING and FALL LEAGUES, and all TOURNAMENTS. I do have the right to withdraw this authorization at any time by providing written notice to the Miami Youth Baseball Association, Inc. at 9372 SW 21 Street, Miami, Fl. 33165.

Managers/Coaches/Volunteers – Safety Protocols and Guidelines (COVID 19) – Games and Practices


Section 1 COACHES (Manager, Coaches, Volunteers)

1. All Coaches MUST wear a facial covering at All Times (including while o the plying field), and MUST maintain social distancing 6 ft+ at All Times while communicating with Players, Parents/Guardians, and other staff.
2. All Coaches are to ensure:
• That all players use hand sanitizing solutions (60% alcohol) prior to entering the dugouts/field for practice, and regularly during practice.
• That all players wear facial coverings when appropriate, and maintain social distancing 6ft+.
• No handshaking, fist bumps, and high fives
• That all players only use their personal equipment.
3. The Head Coach/Designee will serve as the Team Point of Contact with the league (MYBA).
• He/she will serve as the liaison between the parents/guardians/players and the league (MYBA).
• He/she is responsible for the monitoring of possible Covid-19 symptoms of players and coaches prior to each practice. Anyone with symptoms must stay at home or be immediately sent home. Immediately report this to the MYBA Covid-19 Point of Contact – Report any positive Covid-19 test result of any player or immediate family member to MYBA Covid-19 Point of Contact
• He/she will be responsible for communicating with parents/guardians/players – MYBA will communicate with him/she once the Team is cleared to enter the complex for practice. All players/parents MUST remain in their vehicles until they are contacted via text to enter the facility.
4. All team meetings are (Prohibited). Teams are requested to clear the playing field, dugouts, and park complex immediately upon the conclusion of the practice. Teams are encouraged to use video conferencing for their pre/post practice meetings.
5. All Coaches MUST comply with the MYBA background check, and Photo ID Policy.


1. All Players MUST wear a facial covering while they are within the Park Complex and dugouts and designated dugout/bench extension areas. Only exception is while they are on the playing field during warm-ups, skills practice and training session.
2. Equipment – Each Player MUST use their own personal equipment -Bags, bat, helmet, glove, batting gloves, catching gear … Each Player’s equipment bag will be hung on the fence inside the field utilizing both the 1st and 3rd base lines – spaced 10+ ft apart.
3. Designated Dugout (Bench Area)-Both dugouts and bleacher/bench area outside and adjacent to dugouts will be utilized in order for the Players to maintain social distancing.
4. Players are advised to bring their own hydration fluids (Water, Gatorade…) and snacks.
5. Players MUST bring their own personal sanitizing solution (60% alcohol) for regular hand sanitizing. MYBA will also provide hand sanitizing stations at the facility.
6. Social Distancing of 6+ ft MUST be maintained while in the Park Complex, and MUST Maintain Social Distancing of 10+ ft while on the playing field during warm-up, skills practice and training session. No handshaking, fist bumps, or high fives.
7. Players MUST bring their own personal sanitizing solution (60% alcohol) for regular hand sanitizing. MYBA will provide hand sanitizing stations at the facility.

Section 3 PARENTS/GUARDIANS (Adults)

1. ONLY one (1) Parent/Guardian of a Player is permitted in the park. MYBA Recommends dropping off the player and then picking him/her up after practice. All Parents/Guardians MUST stay/sit and remain within the designated spectator area and maintain social distancing (6 ft+). Each Field at each Park shall have a designated area for spectators. This area will be outside the playing fields, along the extended foul lines and outfield fences.
2. All Parents/Guardians MUST wear a facial covering at All Times (including while exiting vehicles in the parking lot).
3. NO TENTS, Parties, Picnics, Cookouts, Meetings, or Group Gatherings Before, during or after the games.
4. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages anywhere in the park (including parking lots) are prohibited by law. All Coolers are subject to inspection
5. Amplifiers, PA systems, radios, air horns, bells, whistles, music and musical instruments, banging on bleachers, or any other artificial noise making devices are PROHIBITED.
6. Self Reporting of Covid-19 symptoms and/or positive test result of any immediate family member. Report any symptoms and/or positive test results immediately to your Team Point of Contact – All immediate family members (including the player) are to stay at home and refrain from attending or participating in any league activity for 14 days or until they have two negative test result certified by a medical professional.
7. Parents/Guardians will be required to read, acknowledge, and approve their child’s participation and release form. Additionally, acknowledge compliance with all approved Rules, Regulations and Safety Protocols and Guidelines.

I hereby agree and consent to all of the aforementioned, and further acknowledge that this authorization is valid for the entire 2021 seasons, including and not limited to the SPRING and FALL LEAGUES, year round Practices, and all TOURNAMENTS. I do have the right to withdraw this authorization at any time by providing written notice to the Miami Youth Baseball Association, Inc. at 9372 SW 21 Street, Miami, Fl. 33165.

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