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MYBA 2021 SPRING Play-Off Schedules are now Posted

We have previously posted the 2nd half schedules (except for the 11U AAA Division -which is still pending completing the 1st half games in order to split the Division for the 2nd half) after splitting the Divisions.

Play-offs will start Friday, May 7th and are currently scheduled through Saturday, May 15th (subject to weather).

Please plan accordingly – No Games will be rescheduled. If a Team can not play as scheduled (including for COVID Protocols) the game will be forfeited.

Any Regular Season Game cancelled due to weather after Sunday, April 25th will only be made up if it affects 1st or 2nd place – resulting in a play-off round bye. If a Team can not play as Scheduled – The game will be forfeited.

Teams will be seeded by winning percentage – utilizing the Tie Breaker system listed on the website under "2021 MYBA Spring – Playoffs Format.

Please remember that players Must participate in 1/3 of their team’s games in order to be eligible for the Play-Offs – The last day to add a player to a team’s Roster is April 15th.

Thank You
MYBA Staff

The 2nd half Split Division Schedules are NOW POSTED – All Division now have a complete Schedule

MYBA 2021 SPRING DIVISION ROSTERS also Posted – Please click on “Documents” on the main menu and then scroll to “MYBA 2021 Spring Team Rosters” – then select and click on your Division to view you Rosters.

Please remember that the last day tp add players to your team roster is April 15th – Additionally, players MUST participate in 1/3 of their teams games in order to be eligible for the PLAY-OFFS


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Coaches & Parents:

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*PLEASE – Everyone needs to adhere to the Protocols and Guidelines.

If you are not willing to follow the protocols and guidelines – PLEASE STAY HOME



For the health and safety of all – Please adhere to the following guidelines and protocols

ONLY two parents/guardians and the player’s siblings may attend games.

STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES (including players and coaches) until 30 Minutes prior to your child’s scheduled game time – example: game time 6 PM – enter the park after 5:30 PM – 7:50 PM Game enter after 7:20 PM

FACIAL COVERING REQUIRED at ALL TIMES in the Park – Everyone – including players (only exception are the players while on the field during the game and pre-game warm ups) – Coaches MUST wear facial coverings at all times (including while they are on the field)- Players MUST wear their facial coverings while in the Dugouts (before, during, and after the game)

MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTACING – 6+ FT – Please sit or stand 6 Ft or more from anyone that is not in your immediate household.

Absolutely NO Spectators in the baseball complex – Parents/Guardians bring your own seats and sit along the left field or right field foul lines outside of the complex gates, and along the outside of the outfield fences. The Bleachers will be used as an extension of the Dugouts.

Bleachers are closed – No one is allowed to sit or stand from dugout to dugout (this is from the end of one dugout all the way around behind home plate to the end of the other dugout). You must sit behind the fence, down the left field and right field lines beyond the dugouts – bring your own seats – Same households may sit together – otherwise spectators MUST sit 6+ FT apart.

Bring hand sanitizer and sanitize your hands before entering the facility, and frequently during your stay.

Restroom use is limited to one person at a time.

Teams (including parents/guardians, siblings, players, coaches….) MUST leave the park immediately after their game. Teams MUST pick up and leave the dugouts immediately after the game.

Tents, Parties, Meetings, group gatherings of any kind are prohibited in the park, parking lots… before, during or after the games. We understand that during regular times this has been a common practice – but unfortunately, these are not normal times.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the park (including the parking lots) is prohibited by law.

Thank you all very much

Together we can make things enjoyable and safe for all.*

SCHEDULES are now posted through March 15, 2021

The MYBA USSSA Super NIT Tournament will be held March 9-14, 2021

Additionally, Play-Off Formats are now Posted – Please Click on “2021 MYBA Spring – Play-Off Format” on the main menu to view your Division’s Play-Off Format.


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